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Pauline Laurent, CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach) was trained and certified through The Coaches Training Institute known as the Harvard of coaching schools in 2004.  For the past 16 years, Pauline has worked with clients in her private coaching practice.  For more information about her coaching please visit

The National Coach Academy (NCA) has written a review of Pauline Laurent’s coaching practice. NCA’s primary mission is to educate and inform readers about the art and skill of coaching and show the tangible benefits it can offer both individuals and companies.


“My initial coaching session with Pauline was helping me with the grief of losing my dear cat. The next step was to transition from working full-time into an early retirement.

I learned a lot about myself and it’s pretty shocking to see how much ground we have covered. Pauline helped me choose different perspectives regarding many situations in my life that made it easier to make the changes I wanted to make.

It’s frightening, sad and scary to end our work together; however, after only one year, I feel I have developed a strong inner nurturing mother. I’ve also become a risk taker.

Thank you, Pauline, for helping me escape from the “cage of fear” I’ve lived in for most of my life.

I’m now happily retired, have a better relationship with my boyfriend, have started writing, taking music lessons, and doing yoga regularly – all as a result of my work with Pauline as my life coach. I’m grateful and excited about my future.

Diane K., R.N.
Happily Retired Health-Care Administrator, December 2015

Pauline’s professional, personal and spiritual paths are uniquely woven and reflected in her workshops, inspirational speaking, and writing as well as her individual life coaching.

Please contact Pauline Laurent by clicking here.

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