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“Pauline Laurent’s Grief Denied: A Vietnam Widow’s Story struck me more profoundly than any book I’ve ever read. I have dealt with grief in my own life and that of others, but never have I been moved to such outpouring of tears.

“The book hit a deep emotional chord as I read of the non-embraced grief that Pauline endured through years when society was angry and rejecting of anything related to the Vietnam War.

“I mourned for Pauline’s loss and for her fatherless daughter. And I mourned in personal shame of how righteously intolerant I was during that era.

“Pauline’s story is about more than grief. It is about courage, resilience, and recovery. This book is poignant and gripping; it will live in your heart.”

Michael DeMarchi | Hospice Volunteer, Cotati, CA

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for having the courage to write your book and even though our experiences could not be any more dissimilar, your writing has made a difference in my life.

“Your writing has made me sit up, take notice and take action. From the bottom of my heart, ‘Thank You’ for what you have done for me and what you have done for others. All the best.”


“It is not often I find a writer who can relay her feelings so vividly. I was captured from the first page and found it difficult to put down. Therefore, I finished it in two days. You are truly a gifted writer.”

Margie Gray

“Thank you so much for bravely and forthrightly sharing your story. It touched me deeply and has shown me more than you can imagine. You have opened my heart. Blessings to you.”

Robin Gail, Minister, Church of Religious Science

“Your book is amazing. I gained so many insights and shed many tears. I admire your ability to let the storms of your sorrow move through you.”

L Bennett | Hospice nurse

“As a combat veteran who survived the war, I had never considered, much less appreciated what the loved ones of those killed in action have gone through. Your compelling story took me from an innocent war bride to a young, overwhelmed war widow, filled with the unborn child of her first love, through the depths of self-doubt and depression to emerge finally as a complete person secure in her womanhood.”

Timothy R. Lickness | Attorney-at-Law

“A surprisingly ‘easy read.’ One of the most taboo subjects in my family and in our country is handled with frankness and grace. Thanks so much for encouraging me to grieve and free my past.”

Ken B. | 12-Step Member

“Your book was written from your heart and in order to read it, I had to open my heart, too. It triggered a lot of unfinished loss. I realized I’m not finished grieving for my Vietnam boyfriend. Thank you for writing this book.”

Dee Dee Schneider | Reiki Master, CMT

“I just finished reading your beautiful memoir in two nights. I didn’t want to put it down. Your courage to tell your story and describe your process in grieving touched my heart.”

A. Roberts | Hospice nurse

“Grief Denied: A Vietnam Widow’s Story deeply touched my shattered heart. For the past 31 years, I experienced the same dreams: the same unspoken grief, the same inability to love fully again, and the same inability to let go of my grief. This book has opened my eyes to the immense pain that my 32-year-old son is living with due to my inability to discuss or deal with our total grief over his dad’s death in Vietnam. Thanks, Pauline, for the courage and fortitude to write this extremely necessary book.”

Brenda Cavanaugh (Genest) | Vietnam War Widow

“You should furnish Kleenex with this book I’ve only read the first few pages and I’m crying already.”

Ted Sexauer | Poet and Vietnam Veteran

“Pauline is truly a gifted writer. Her story goes way beyond the specifics of personal growth or the Vietnam War. It speaks of the progress of our whole society. Grief Denied is a very spiritual book. I enjoyed it tremendously.”

Therese Champagne | Computer Consultant

“Pauline’s book is absolutely beautiful. I have not been able to put it down. I am so moved by the courage of this book. Although this is a story of a Vietnam widow, it reflects universal themes such as: delayed grief, single-parent child relationships, and the importance and the ‘how to’ of facing grief.”

Margarita Suarez | AVANTA, The Virginia Satir Network

“Pauline Laurent’s beautifully written book is a brave gift to a country that needs to look at the long-term traumatic effects on loved ones of those who answered the call to Vietnam. As a former wife of a Vietnam veteran who physically survived the war but was scarred mentally and emotionally, I have longed for books that tell of the trauma behind closed doors on American soil.”

Charlene Rubush

“In telling her story, Pauline Laurent provides support as well as a roadmap on how to remake herself as a woman whose life did not end with her husband’s. Forming a life around death does not ultimately sustain the will to live. I particularly recommend this book, not just to widows, but to anyone who had a family member killed in Vietnam.”

Marilyn Knapp Litt

“Pauline’s writing is powerful and beautiful in its simplicity. A real gift. It’s very, very difficult to make something as painful as her story possible to read — and worse to write it. This is a courageous book that will help others heal.”

Donna Dean, Ph.D. | Independent Scholar

“Grief Denied shows soul and expresses real emotions from the heart. I was touched by the feelings the book brought up and the emotions I feel. I hope this writer continues to write and share from the heart. Thank You, Pauline Laurent.”

Adair Fallon

“Pauline’s memoir is an engrossing and profoundly moving account of one of the Vietnam War’s hidden casualties. Her book goes beyond the victims of war with lessons that apply throughout American culture, which has long denied the primacy of grief.”

Paul Hampel, Reporter | St. Louis Post Dispatch

“As a survivor who lost a brother in Vietnam, reading Grief Denied has helped me see the denied grief that is within me — grief and fear that colors my values and lends a dark skepticism to my personality in ways that my own psychiatric training has failed to enlighten. I still want to work with patients, but in a different way, a way that is more spiritual, more meaningful for both of us.”

Anonymous reader | Psychiatrist

“Your book is incredible. I couldn’t put it down (read it in two sittings.) What journeys – one of your grieving and one of writing your story. Thank you for this wonderful gift.”

J. Grant

“I’m halfway through the book and I must admit you had my interest from the first paragraph. It’s so fascinating to see into your mind and heart. It takes a lot of courage to express the truth on paper. It’s beautifully written and I look forward to your next book.”

J. Rigler

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