Pauline’s most popular workshops include:

  • The Courage to Write the Story That Scares You
  • Recovering Your Creative Self
  • Grief Workshop – Exploring Our Losses – Healing Our Grief
  • Change Your Perspective – Change Your Life

Comments from participants in Pauline’s Writing Workshop

“You are so natural and unthreatening.”
A. Kurt

“Through your class, I found the courage to write and share”
R. Heihn

“I was reminded of who I am – creative and deserving. Thank you.”
L. Lee.

“Your workshop did wonders to loosen the grief in my soul, old and recent. You helped me flush it out, honor myself and find new directions.”
H. Wylie

Comments from Change Your Perspective Change Your Life Workshop

  • The workshop put me in action
  • Encouraged me to make concrete bold steps
  • Created a safe place & time to be reflective and work on myself
  • I have recommended it to others
  • I recognized the voice of my gremlin (negative thinking)
  • It’s a safe space to be open and to learn about so many perspectives and my own way of thinking

To inquire about any of these topics or an idea you have, please contact Pauline at 707-578-4226 or email her at her

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