About Pauline

Pauline’s professional experience includes thirty-seven years as a Human Development Professional. Born and raised in southern Illinois, she moved to the Chicago area after she graduated from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois.

After a few years of teaching high school, she was drawn by John Denver’s music to explore the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. She settled in Denver, bought a home, and raised her daughter, Michelle.

When Michelle graduated from high school, Pauline moved to Northern California to begin her work in the field of personal growth and development. Her pioneering spirit has led her to explore new adventures. She loves dancing, bicycling, hiking and gardening.

For the past 16 years she has had her own business as a Co-Active Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Leader. Since 1999, when Grief Denied, her memoir, was published she has been speaking nationally about creative writing as a spiritual path and an avenue to express unresolved grief.

She lives, writes and works in Northern California. Pauline is currently writing her second book about the miracles of turning 70.

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