Father and Daughter

Howard Emerson Querry III Betty Jean’s Wedding October 2, 1949, 5 years old.
Michelle Marie Querry Schenck Elementary School Denver CO September 1, 1974, 6 years old.
Sgt. Howard E. Querry Fort Courage Rach Kien Vietnam April 1968
Michelle Marie Querry Northern California June 1990

“The paradox of grief is that while it can be overwhelming, it is, in the end a gift. Gift? Yes. Grief is how you heal a broken heart. And if you deny it or hide it or try to duck it, you only delay it.

“The writer, Annie Dillard said, ‘Pain is a terrible thing to waste.’ As you work through your pain you will see that you have the power to transform it and use your hard-earned wisdom and insight to help someone else.”

Laura Palmer | Author of Shrapnel in the Heart
Presented at the SDIT gathering in Washington D.C. in 1992

“A broken heart is an honorable condition. Don’t fear it.”

Alice Walker | The Way Forward is With a Broken Heart

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